SEO Services

Why Choose our SEO Services?

Guaranteed Results – Get to the top of Google and stay there

Dedicated SEO Account Executives – Who understand SEO and business equally well and strive for the top 10 rankings for you

Better ROI – Superior return on investment. Our SEO services not only rank you higher, but also help you in converting well due to onpage optimization, better call to action and keyword targeted pages which satisfy users’ queries.

Ethical SEO Firm offers customizable SEO packages to suit our clients’ needs. We understand that every business is different and so are the ways in which it operates and the aspirations that it has, with search engine optimization as a way to increase reach, inquiries, subscription and sales.

Our clients range from small hotel owners who look to rank well for geographically targeted, less competitive keywords to some of the leading ERP software vendors who are competing with leading ERP application providers. The needs differ and so do the costs of doing SEO. We have worked with many industry types such as software, ERP, bioinformatics, hotel and travel, business services, B2B, financial services and many more.

We have below tried to cater to a wide variety of needs. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, contact us directly and we would be happy to design a custom SEO package for you.

Guaranteed SEO Services

Most of our clients opt for guaranteed SEO packages from us since these give them the security that unless the top 10 results are achieved, we won’t stop and they won’t pay. These are expensive plans but are worth every penny in form of the superior returns on investment (great ROI) that you get out of them.

The payment for our guaranteed SEO services is split into two parts. Half of the total amount is paid initially when we start the work and the rest half is paid when the SEO guarantee is met. If we fail to achieve what we guaranteed, we do not get paid. Period.

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Affordable SEO Services

Some of our guaranteed SEO services may be more than what you need or what you can afford. To this end, we have developed non guaranteed SEO packages which are far less priced than the guaranteed SEO packages.

Affordable SEO plans do not mean that quality is compromised in any way. These plans include all the elements of guaranteed SEO services like custom link building, article marketing, analytics set up and reporting, onpage optimization and competition research. However, since the risk to us is less (in form of not getting paid if guarantee is not met), the cost to you is less too.

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SEO Consulting Services

Some of our big clients have in house SEO teams and run multiple online properties. If you are one such customer looking for opinion from experts in search engine optimization, these services are the best choice for you.

Our consulting services will help you solve many puzzles related to content augmentation, ranking more terms, additional keywords to consider, competition intelligence and unexplored opportunities that lie in ahead.

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Keyword Research Services

These services are aimed at removing the guess work from your SEO efforts. Keyword research forms the cornerstone of any SEO project and how much traffic and sales the keyword ranking would be bringing depends on the quality of the chosen keywords.

This keyword research is akin to market research and helps you visualize the demands and supply in your industry vertical. It also helps you tap any related spaces that might suit you from and acquisition/extension perspective.

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Link Building Services

Effective link building is one single activity that can raise your ranking in search engines. Since the early days of Meta tag analysis, the search engine ranking algorithms have moved away from them and now take into account the link popularity and anchor text of the backlinks that a site has. Also, since the evolution of reciprocal linking and link farms, search engines have gotten better and better at identifying the “authority”, domain age and trust factor of the links.

We specialize in getting links for your website that are relevant and pass maximum benefit in form of link popularity and anchor text benefit.

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