Keyword Analysis | Keyword Research

The keyword research project aims at finding the terms that the target audiences of your business are using for finding you, or a similar business. Company parlance related to a particular business unit, a product or service may significantly differ from what the users use to search. We have a 4 staged keyword strategy to come up with the best target terms for your business. The research process that we follow is depicted below:

  • Understanding your web and print write-ups and extracting the terms out of them using specialized keyword tools (for web) and by eye scanning in case of print.
  • Brainstorming with the company people and stakeholders to understand how they determine the relevance for their products/business units/services. The two steps above help us to judge the initial set of terms that we think are relevant for your business and we then apply specialized services and use tools to study the popularity and relevance of your keywords.
  • Competitive keyword analysis allows us to extract the terms relevant from other websites that are in a competitive arena. This will not only help us detect a mismatch but will also tell us about the competitiveness of a keyterm. Use of PPC platforms such as Google Analytics and YSM helps us understand the bidding market further. If a keyword is receiving high competition, it might be worth the traffic.
  • Using Keyword research tools: We use a combination of keyword research tools, both free and paid. The major ones being, Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Discovery, Compete. Google Trends, Spyfu, and most importantly Wordtracker.
  • Running PPC campaigns to determine keyword impression data: This is like hearing it from the horse's mouth. We run live ads (after getting the budget) to determine the accuracy of the keyword tools and their findings. The search engines giving us the information is the biggest assistance that we can get and it is like doing traditional market research, though with evolved tools. We can also use the same strategy for experimenting with launching of a new product/service/business unit or an entirely new business model. We can design landing pages and write appropriate ads that requests users to join a list/get a reward for their feedback.

Brand Related Terms

People who know you by your brand should be able to find you with your name in all major search engines. This initial level of brand building is what we ensure we do for the client without the need of extensive research.

Use of Keyword Modifiers

It’s almost always true that business and people believe local entities more than the foreign ones. A keyword modifier might be related to the local nature of the business or may be related to any adjective such as "cheap", "high quality", "ISO certified", "Leading". This kind of modification can also make a query informational.

While creating content in the second stage of our SEO strategy, we will have to determine how much information can be given out free of charge and how much has to be either kept behind the walls (registration) or to be offered as services. It’s almost always true that we should have a sound informational architecture that will help us build a strong brand and following along with traffic stream from search engines. Writing articles, white papers, publishing images, video and packaging other related information is the best way to achieve this.