Link Building

There are innumerable sources of links on the web and more the number of links, better is the chance that we rank at the top of the search engines. Along with the quantity of links, the quality of links matter too. Links originating from the unimportant and spammy sections of the web are not counted towards PageRank calculations by Google. Also, links from same C class IP, directories which are general in nature and have lower pagerank number, unimportant forums and non existent blogs do not contribute towards improving the popularity of the website.
Some of the valid methods of link acquisition that we use are as follows:

  • Competitive Link Analysis – It pertains to understating the companies or services that are competing directly or indirectly with you and have a string web presence. Using paid and proprietary link analysis tools, we understand the link graph of your competitors to make the best utilization of the sources of links that we can tap into. We also go a step ahead by understanding their complete marketing and promotion strategy. You can get the competition monitoring services from us too separately. A custom generated report that lists the keywords your competitors are targeting, their rankings, their backlinks, the sites that they have some sort of arrangements with, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Custom Competitive Intelligence Report (One Competitor) - $350.
  • Understanding the industry and getting references from the sites that talk about the concepts that we work on. We search for inclusion sites which pertain to your industry and to your geographic location. We do this to increase the backlinks or the link popularity of your website and to help your site in getting more referral traffic.
  • Niche sites link building – Understanding the services and products that you offer and a comprehensive link building for these line items/market verticals.
  • Business link acquisition – We help you in getting links from your friends, business associates and we help them in establishing a prominent web presence so that you can get more benefit.

Remarkable content production/optimization aka link baiting – Working closely with your team