SEO Guarantee

At Ethical SEO Firm, we understand that you need to make profits from the search marketing spent and we deserve to be paid fully only once we get your site for the decided keywords in Top 10 on Google. We focus on Google as it is the dominant search market player and has more than 65% share in the US search market.

Our SEO guarantee keeps us motivated and target driven as not only our reputation but earnings too, are at stake.

What do we guarantee in our SEO services?

Here is the guaranteed SEO client sign up and implementation program:

  • First step is to determine the list of targeted keywords and we start with around 3 phrases. There is no upper limit on the number of guaranteed keywords; it’s directly proportional to the package price.
  • We consider the guarantee to be met only when we rank ALL your “guarantee offered for”  keywords in top 10 on
  • Along with top 10 results for guaranteed keywords, other keywords should also rank in top 30 results on the search engines. This guarantee is not Google specific and your phrases may rank well on Google/Yahoo and/or Bing.

Guarantee explained with example:

Consider that after the keyword research for company X, we suggest choosing the following hypothetical terms for optimization:

  • Green Widgets
  • Blue Widgets
  • Red Widgets
  • Widgets
  • Widgets USA

The highlighted terms are the “guaranteed terms” and our services would be aimed at offering top 10 placements on Google. Also guaranteed is a top 30 rankings for the non highlighted keywords on any one of the following search engines: Google/Yahoo/Bing.
What is covered in SEO Guarantee?

  • Once the keyword list is discussed with the client and agreed upon, all expenses related to promotion, submission, paid placements, advertising are borne by us, Ethical SEO Firm.
  • We get started with 50% of the total campaign amount. The remaining 50% is paid upon completion. If we fail to meet our guarantee, we are not entitled to receive the 2nd half of the payment.
  • We work on a mutual profit partnership philosophy. If it is a win, it is collective, if it is a loss, we share the burden.
  • Unlike other SEO companies which offer guaranteed rankings on ANY search engine, Ethical SEO Firm offers guaranteed ranking spurt on Google. Other companies charge you over by 50% of the guaranteed amount in case you care for ranking only on, which you should anyways do.

What is not covered in SEO Guarantee?

Basically, our guaranteed SEO services offer all the above things and include a guarantee which significantly raises our risk and puts at stake our reputation. That is the exact reason we charge higher for these services. It is a win-win situation since clients know that they would be getting what they paid for, or else they won’t pay at all!

Contact us for a guaranteed top 10 ranking on Google.