Web Analytics Consulting

Analysis of where we are and where will we be moving with our efforts is one of the cornerstones of SEO in particular and marketing in general. We need to understand in terms of links and traffic to the website, the current mindshare that the website has. With the SEO efforts this should increase. A relevant link building and SEO campaign should not only increase the traffic to the website but also the sales/enquiries that are getting generated from the website.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

We use Google Analytics - a free web analytics program to monitor the user behavior and the online space of the website. This means that we get an understanding of the quantity and quality of the traffic that is flowing in to the website, the sources, the campaigns, the keywords, the external sites and the branded traffic. We also measure the activity of visitors on the website, what they are doing, which pages they are visiting, time spent on the sites, the most popular entry pages, the exit pages and other technical stuff. We take all this data into account and then measure relevant results and craft strategies that increase the traffic. We also try to close the loopholes, if any in our web strategy.

We also typically subscribe to the webmaster tools from Google where we measure the links which Google sees, crawl errors, Google sitemaps (for large dynamic sites) and look at queries that show up us on Google. There are a host of other analysis tools such as compete.com, SEMrush and Spyfu that we use for getting known online and studying the competitive space around us.

Our analytics consulting helps you in identifying

  • The gaps in your current online marketing strategy.
  • The new markets in terms of products and services that you can address to.
  • New regions and countries where you can profitably market your products and services because of a favorable mismatch in demand and supply or quality.
  • The best places to spend your advertising dollars.
  • The profiles of your website visitors and what can be changed to make them buy more from you.

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